The Unsolved Murder of Audrey Vallette
Chicago: July 2, 1936

Downtown Chicago in 1930
The Gold Coast

           The Platinum Blonde Butterfly


It was July 2, 1936 and in room 704-705 of the La Salle Towers in downtown Chicago Annabelle Blake had recently returned from a trip to the East Coast. She had gone to see one of the many men that she dated for money. The thirty-one year old platinum blonde was sitting in her bed, dressed in her pink night gown, after having a late breakfast when a visitor called upon her. This person entered the bedroom and sat down in the only chair on the right side of Annabelle's bed.


Apparently Annabelle was not alarmed from this person's presence. Until that is they pulled out a 38 calibre pistol and shot her in the chest and fled the room. Annabelle lived long enough to grab her French style phone and call the switchboard operator and scream "I've been shot!"

She died before anyone reached her room to help her because the bullet had pierced her heart. A heart that had been aching for a long time.

The hotel staff knew her as Annabelle Blake a successfully retired owner of a cosmetic business. Some had know her as Audrey Schroeder a recent divorcee. But after her diaries were found she was was soon known as Audrey Vallette "The Pint A Day Girl", or "The Gilded Lady" and even "The Butterfly Girl". She instantly became headline news coast to coast.

Was she killed by a jealous wife or to stop her from exposing something about one of her big name "dates"?

As you will learn the police had a prime suspect. But there never was a conviction. 


Audrey had quite a life in the 1930s in Chicago. She had many connections with now forgotten people, places and events. This site is the most in-depth story of her life and times. I think you'll find very interesting.      

Her story is a work in progress, so visit often and e-mail me with any comments or questions. For more about her friends, family, events in her life and the main characters that appear on this site visit my second Audrey website



Another LaSalle Tower girl is involved in a murder a month after Audrey's case goes cold. See The Moonlight Murder In Grant Park